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The Star Wars Kid

This morning I ran across a post on the Warrior Forums that had me chuckling and wanting to share an important story on BUZZ.

Here we go…

On November 2, 2002 a chubby, bespectacled, 15 year-old boy from Quebec, Canada named Ghyslain turned on his high-school’s 8mm video recorder on and begin to do what EVERY 15 year-old boy does — fantasize!

Now some may fantasize about J-Lo or Brooke Burke, but Ghyslain was swayed by the power of The Force.

Although poor Ghyslain may appear to be a Jedi knight in his video — he is not.

First, no Jedi knight that I know, would record all their secret training and “moves” on a video tape.

Second, no Jedi knight that I know would unwittingly allow that tape to fall into the hands of anyone other than another sympathetic Jedi knight.

Third, no Jedi knight that I know would have friends that would upload those secrets to the Internet via Kazaa so the world could laugh universe could see.

Poor Ghyslain did not see this disturbance in The Force coming.

On April 19, 2003 the video was found by friends the dark side of The Force. The menaces then encoded and uploaded the resulting file to the Internet.

Within days poor Ghyslain was the whipping boy of his school and the Internet. His story was profiled in both the NY Times and Wired Magazine — and of course it was picked up by every blogger and chat room in the world.

Feeling sorry for poor Ghyslain other former Jedi knights from the original Star Wars episode, like myself many bloggers like myself, began a pledge drive to thank him for the laughs as a sign of goodwill.

We raised a total of $4,334.44 for Ghyslain — once again exposing the power of donations.

Although the moral of the story may appear to be:

“Don’t make an ass of yourself on video because it might just get napsterized.”

…it’s not.

The moral of the story is that funny, informative or shocking digital content will spread like wildfire. It’s a contagious virus that can be managed by cunning infopreneurs.

And lastly, a shameless plug:

I want you to remember this story my friends, because in close to 8 weeks I will be announcing a new service — a new business of mine — that is going to create both shock and awe in the Internet marketing world. It has nothing to do with PDFs or anything that anyone has ever done.

Oh, and yes it is FREE — and all of you will be making money off of it. Sounds like the perfect service doesn’t it? 😉

[URL: Wired News — “Star Wars Kid Gets Bucks From Blogs” ]

[URL: NY Times — “Fame Is No Laughing matter For The Star Wars Kid” — $ Purchase Req’d. ]

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