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Hate Mail From Rebecca Blood

Hate Mail From Rebecca Blood

I just received the following:

hi jason,

please immediately remove my name and the link to my site from

www.goldbloggers.com. I am not interested in endorsing or seeming to

endorse your newsletter. thanks.

best regards,




the weblog handbook


amazon best of 2002, digital culture

and here was my reply:

Rebecca –

Yes, your name appears on my homepage, and there is a link — but

nowhere does it say that you endorse anything. Nor does it even

imply that.

I am merely stating a fact:

You are making a profit with your blog and using your blog to

promote your book.

You will find some of that information on your homepage in the right

column labeled “disclosure”.

There is definitely nothing unethical or illegal reporting facts.

What I said is the truth. If you are upset about it — that is your

problem. I removed the link, but your name stays.

Jason Cain


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Hold on a second!

Rebecca wants you to buy copies of her book *and* in her very own words, she writes on her homepage under “disclosure”:

In 2002, amazon associate fees more than paid to host this site.

However, she doesn’t want me promoting MY book?

Why? Is it because she may be one of the subjects?!

Welcome to blogging baby! If you are going to throw it out there for the world to see and read, be prepared:

  • Someone is going to talk about.
  • Someone is going to analyze it.
  • Someone is going to write about it.
  • I hope she doesn’t have a problem with YOU wanting to learn how to make money with your blog.

    Integrity problem? Sure smells like it.

    I like how her “signature” in her email promotes her book, that she sells on her blog. Case in point.

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