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A One-Man Media Empire

Here is an interesting story via USC’s Online Journalism Review.

By night, Raven — the name everyone uses for 47-year-old Harold Kionka — works as a janitor, mopping the floors and cleaning the grease traps in TGIFriday’s in Daytona Beach, Fla.

By day, he operates almost single-handedly a 24-hour Internet TV station, serving as owner, station manager, producer and on-air personality. Daytonabeach-live brings live coverage of events in the Florida resort town to as many as 17,000 viewers a day.

Personal broadcasting is one of the revenue streams I cover in my book — but really it’s more content than revenue. It’s something that you can charge for…

Raven, the subject of this article, doesn’t have the marketing or revenue angle figured out yet. Too bad, because he could get out of the dead end job he is working if he just took the extra steps.

His viewers tend to be baby-boomers with bikes, like my parents. I can think of a million things that could be thrown in front of them to drain their wallets:

  • books
  • branded merchandise
  • subscription content (for certain events, like bikini contests *cough*)
  • He has a pretty good hosting company it seems. Very affordable and with a full-fledged Real video/audio server. Any of you thinking about having your own online show should check them out…

    [URL: Daytona Beach LIVE! ]

    [URL: OJR article — “Personal Broadcasting Opens Yet Another Front for Journalists” ]

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